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Bio-Race has an idea of international market, understand customer needs, convinced that only continue to innovate and improve in order to gradually grow in a rapidly changing market. We devote to excellence, quality development, reputation for service, establishment of product research and development, safety and quality, technical service and integrity mechanism of enterprises.

Bio-Race have brought together, at home and abroad, professional talent with biotechnology background; With an independent laboratory, continued uninterrupted to develop product and renew equipment, the ability to establish a number of core technology research and development to seek a breakthrough, providing customers with a variety of solutions on products, increase in market competitiveness. Strong research and development, and technical capabilities develop more diversified products, providing customers with the skin care products, health food raw materials and products in full service.

Our commitment is that integrity, excellent quality and reasonable price is our aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Bio-Race in Taiwan, Shanghai, Korea with the company, dedicated to provide customers with all aspects of service at home and abroad. Future Prospects, perfectly consistent requirements for product quality, we spare no effort to innovate, enhance customer service, and expanding product lineup to provide the best quality assurance, so that Bio-Race become your most trusted partner.

Bio-Race Marketing Area:

Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, the United States, Germany,
Spain, Mexico, Canada
Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Cairo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Sichuan